Joel Dunham

Joel Dunham
Position: Ph.D. candidate

Mailing Address:
UBC Department of Linguistics
2613 West Mall

Vancouver, British Columbia
V6T 1Z4

Thesis Title

The Online Linguistic Database: Software for linguistic fieldwork.


I am primarily interested in the development of software that facilitates linguistic fieldwork broadly construed, i.e., documentation, description, research, and revitalization. To this end I have developed two open source tools: the Online Linguistic Database v. 0.2 (OLD, GitHub repo) and the OLD v. 1.0, a rewrite of the OLD 0.2 as a RESTful HTTP/JSON web service.

There are currently nine language-specific OLD 0.2 web applications in existence, with those for the following languages seeing the most use.

As part of my work on the OLD 1.0, I have worked on implementing automatic morphological parsers for Blackfoot (and other languages to come) using the open source Foma FST library and MIT Language Modeling (MITLM) toolkit.

I have also worked on the semantics of aspect in Blackfoot and Okanagan and on noun incorporation in Blackfoot, have been an editor for UBCWPL for the past five years, and have recently begun contributing to LingSync (GitHub), an open source fieldwork tool similar to the OLD.


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Summer Institute, Linguistic Society of America, Boulder, CO, 2011. Courses in treebanking, statistical syntactic parsing, inference-based semantics, and computational lexical semantics.

B.A., University of British Columbia, 2006. Major in philosophy, minor in linguistics.

Full curriculum vitae (CV)

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