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The 50th Annual International Conference on Salish and Neighbouring Languages (ICSNL) was held August 5–7, 2015 at the University of British Columbia, jointly hosted by UBC and the Simon Fraser University First Nations Language Centre. Thank you to all of the speakers, community members, researchers and volunteers who made the conference so unique and memorable.

--The Organizers

For a description of the work presented at ICSNL, please see the Introduction to the 50th Anniversary preceedings.

Obtaining Preceedings

The full volume of the Preceedings for ICSNL 50 can be downloaded in pdf, or you can order a bound volume. Additionally, you can download individual papers in pdf here by selecting ICSNL 50 and then selecting your chosen paper.

How to order or download Jan van Eijk's Lillooet-English dictionary

Several people have stopped by the UBCWPL desk at the back of the conference to ask about the beautiful Lillooet-English dictionary by Jan P. van Eijk and edited by John Lyon. We have sold out of copies because it is so popular!

Luckily, all recent UBCWPL publications are available on our volumes page: http://linguistics.sites.olt.ubc.ca/research-resources/archives-publications/ubcwpl/volumes/

Introduction to the ICSNL 50 Precedings

In honour of this being the 50th ICSNL, Marianne Ignace wrote a lovely introduction to the preceedings volume. The introduction is produced in full here and is an excellent description of the importance of this conference.

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